Elixr Coffee Roasters Philadelphia, PA

                                             May 11. 2017

•  www.elixrcoffee.com

•  207 S Sydenham St, Philadelphia, PA 

(Image: April Harvey) 

I came to Elixr Coffee Roasters located on Sydenham street and squeezed just between Walnut and Chestnut for a quick fix after I landed at around 5pm. Part of zagat.coms ‘7 best coffee shops of Philly’ and only a short walk from my hotel.

 As I walked in the sound of Zeppelin’ Jimmy Page’s guitar filled the smallish rooms exposed brick walls and minimal interiors. There was a large mural on the wall inside just to the right of the bar which catches your initial focus. Big supporters of Local  art, Elixr Coffee organizes public events and art installations on the interior and exterior of their City location commissioning six mural installations annually that encourage an open and active dialogue between Elixr, the artists, and the community at large. 

Tables  are made of original materials and the walls have been stripped back completely of any layers, bricks and cement are exposed but not the fake kind. It’s overly minimal without being pretentious, but it works. 

(Image: April Harvey)

Most people where working on laptops and the atmosphere was calm as it’s late evening, I was told it gets busy in the day as its a hot spot for any coffee lover and a favourite with the locals, all baring in mind that there are 4 Starbucks within meters.

Elixr offers Single-origin, hand-poured brews & espresso drinks offered up in eco-friendly marble & wood surrounding. It’s quality over quantity each and everytime. 
I had my usual, a non fat cappuccino made with a bean called ‘Ethiopia Konga’ much lighter and more fragrant than usual. 

(Image: April Harvey) 

 Opening hours
Monday-Saturday: 7am – 8pm, 

Sunday: 8am – 8pm