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When traveling is your job, its mine, you average more than 4 flights a week, visit more than 5 different countries a month and spend most of your life at 30,000 feet you quickly gain a vast knowledge of the do’s and dont’s of travel.
Ok so getting to see the world on a regular basis has its pluses side and having a permanent tan helps too, but it does have a negative side believe it or not!

It’s tiring, extremely tiring. I once slept for 32 hours straight after a flight home. Your immune system, well what immune system? Life with a constant cold. I’m never quiet sure what day it is or if it’s breakfast time or dinner? 

One thing I do know is that I have this wealth of knowledge on how to deal with these pre, present and post holiday blues. Which is why I decided to put it to good use and start a blog about the places I Visit. 

My aim, over time is to help you negotiate the jungle otherwise known as the airport, with ease. Survive 12 hours in a metal tube in the sky, rapidly reduce those landing day tears and abolish those inflight tantrums, yes we all have them. 

Happy travels!!
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