When you average about 4 long haul flights a month, your friends know you  as the ‘international one’ of the group and you currently have more American dollars in your pocket than the currency of the country you actually  live in. Just trying to keep your life on track with any kind of normality has its challenges and uncertainties

As a 10-year-old I dreamt of being a flight attendant. I wanted the glamorous uniform, red lipstick and beaming smile id seen on so many flight attendants before. I wanted  to stride through the worlds busiest airports linked arm in arm with my equally graceful colleagues and finaly for everybody to stare at me whilst I stand there on my platform telling you which exits you should leave by just in case the plane ever decides to drop out of the sky, all with a smile on my face.

So when this dream became my reality a couple of years ago, later than I ever thought it would all these thoughts came flooding back to me. I was extatic, I couldn’t stop smiling for weeks and it felt like the whole world was happy for me.

But what I hadn’t planned for was everything they don’t tell you about being Cabin crew, the things you don’t see on Instagram, the complete life swap that happens over night.
Ok, so I travel the world which is wonderful and I’m lucky enough to have had fed baby elephants in Kenya, walked across the great wall of China and swam in some of the most beautiful ocean across the world. But all of this comes at an expensive price.

I’m tired constantly both mentaly and physically, there is no excuse for once sleeping through my best friends engagement party, oh wait there is! its my job that I chose to do. I once slept for 32 hours after a flight home from Cape Town. My mom thought I was unconscious.

Its a struggle to keep up any daily routine, washimg piles up, you forget to eat, you over eat because your brain is too tired to tell you when its enough and you make plans that you cant keep because the physical exhaustion that has built up over time just wont allow you to.  This is never intentional and trying to make amends slowly fades as you realise this is what you chose, this is your life, its bigger than you and you cant change it so just accept it.

One thing I do know is that I have this wealth of knowledge on how to deal with these pre, present and post holiday blues. Which is why I decided to put it to good use and start a blog about the places I Visit.

My aim, over time is to help you negotiate the jungle otherwise known as the airport, with ease. Survive 12 hours in a metal tube in the sky, rapidly reduce those landing day tears and abolish those inflight tantrums, yes we all have them.

Happy travels!!
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