Earth Hour Day…. Be part of it.

With out a doubt we’ve all noticed the bizarre weather changes over the past few years? Snowing in June, heat waves in December and still having the heating on in April. Yes, you remember don’t you! 
Well, it’s simply down to Global Warming caused by us lovely human beings. Think about every time you put the heating on, drive your car when you could just as well walk or leave all the lights on at night.  Yes, I’m guilty too! 

Every little action we make, be it negative or positive makes an impact on the effects of climate change. So I ask you this question, 

Wouldn’t you rather be making a positive impact?

I imagine for the most of us, we try to do our bit everyday to keep the planet green and the seasons intact. For the other half of us, im afraid to say it’s personal comfort before conservation. 

Due to the lack of care and our inability to think ahead rather than in the now, the earths atmosphere is heating up rapidly causing disastrous effect. Nature is slowly slipping away from us and we can no longer adapt quickly to the changes. 

This year alone has been the hottest year on record for the third year in a row. As a result our oceans and forests are deteriorating and more species are at risk of extinction. 

What would you do if one day you woke up to find that elephants where extinct? 

Well, there’s not a lot you could do. 

The knock on effect however,  would cause mass destruction to ecosystems across the world. 

Think of the elephant as a gardener, she eats the old overgrown vedgetation allowing the sunlight to get to the new shrubs and thereafter flourish. Her chaotic gardening style spreads seeds across the terrain encouraging new plant life to grow. 

Without our giant gardener, the continuous circle of growth wouldn’t exist and other species that depend on plant life would also die. 

 So, we need to act before it’s too late by changing our daily habits that are causing our beloved planet to decline so rapidly. 

Here’s some things you can change now. 

✅ Walk, don’t drive. Or even reduce your speed. 

✅ Turn down the heating and put on a jumper ( yes, that’s you dad) 

✅ Clean out your fridge, dusty coils increase energy consumption by around 30 percent. 

Last year we managed to save the Giant Panda species from being endangered, the greatest threat the Giant Panda has to face in life is deforestation of his habitat. 

Although not endangered, still vulnerable, Pandas aren’t safe from the devastating effect of climate change. This will eventually reduce his sole source of food, bamboo. 

If you don’t want this to happen, like many of us, you can make an impact tonight.

And heres how!

It’s simple, the WWF is encouraging you to turn off all electricity on the 25th of March between 8.30pm and 9.30pm and take part in what’s known as ‘Earth hour’. Although more to remind ourselves of the cause than to make a mass impact in 1 hour. It will still help. 

I’ll be making a conscious effort to overcome my fear of sleeping in the dark and turn off my lights, so should you. Even the smallest changes make a difference. 

I’m a member of the WWF and it’s a cause I strongly believe in, I’ve been fortunate enough because of the traveling I do to come face to face with elephants, giraffes, hippos and other animals in the wild, there’s no feeling like it.  They don’t destroy our homes, we shouldn’t destroy theirs. 

Turn off your electricity, be part of Earth Hour Day and save the planet. 

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