I left my heart in Cape Town and bought home a hangover

I made it back from South Africa in one piece, landed on time with all 20 upper deck passengers of the Boeing 747 I was on leaving rested and happy. Always a little nostalgic when flying on a 747 to Cape Town after it was my first destination when I started this job.

This is one of those 12 hour flights that leaves you feeling like you’ve  missed a weeks sleep after you land. Tired and emotional, I still have to make my way home but from somewhere, I always manage to find the energy to make it happen.

I have found that after this flight the only way to feel normal again is to sleep for 12 hours straight, no food, no interruptions, don’t unpack the suitcase and make a b- line for your bed, say goodnight closing the door behind you. Even if it’s 3pm in the afternoon! This will not be any average afternoon nap and believe me, if you try to stay awake you’ll feel worse, probably get a headache and maybe unconsciously have conversations you don’t remember having when you finally get back to UK time/ normality.

I read somewhere once that you shouldn’t make any major decisions whilst in the air or jet lagged, mainly due to the lack of oxygen prohibiting the normal thought process going on in your brain. I am evidence of this. I had a conversation with my mom about two weeks ago when I landed agreeing to go out to dinner 2pm the following day. Did I show up? Did I even remember having the conversation? Well the answer is no! My mother was stood outside the restaurant for 30 minutes waiting for me while I was blissfully unaware of what I’d agreed to.

Sorry mom.

Anyway, I woke up this morning had a lemsip to get rid of any aches or cold symptoms I’d got from the 300 immune systems I shared a large metal tube with that we all called home for 12 hours and now I feel great. Looking through some of my pictures I took from a wonderful trip to one of the most beautiful places on earth, South Africa.

I started my day in Cape Town with a walk along the sea front, Sea Point promenade, it has a vast array of characteristics some parts beach, some rock pools and others, public swimming and picnic areas. It’s pleasing on the eye and a really happy place to be in, there are children’s play areas, lots of people dog walking and some just socialising.

The beach at Sea point meets with an Olympic size sea water swimming pool accessible to the public, which I was told by a local that he’s been using the pool for more than 30 years now. The promenade Is a good stretch for a run if you bring your trainers with you as it’s flat, though your exposed to the hot sun the whole way so wear sun cream. You can go onto the beach for a walk it’s not full of people and great for an evening stroll also.

I then walked back up onto Regents road where all the local shops are to pick up a couple of bottles of wine, I say a couple of bottles, I in fact mean 10. They have the best wine here. If you get chance, buy a bottle of Pinot Noir called Ghost Corner which comes form the coastal region of Elim, not far from Cape Town. On my last visit I stayed in the Stellenbosch area and visited the Uva Mira mountain winery and Vineyard, It’s totally inexpensive and beautiful, also a great place to relax ( and drink a bit too much) for a couple of hours. At about 1.30 hours drive from Sea Point it’s not too far either.

As wine shopping makes you incredibly tired, I found a great little Raw food cafe to grab a coffee and a bite to eat in. Scheckters Raw food place is new to Cape Town and still fairly busy throughout the day and just at the top end of Regents road. I had an almond milk cappuccino and a raw snickers bar, without a doubt the the best snickers bar I’ve ever ate and probably the healthiest also! I’d recommend this to any age, they can also accommodate for both large and small groups of people. The menu is not small so it pleases all and the staff are friendly as pie. I’d never been previously so my choice of raw delights were recommended to me by the staff.

Although it’s not my first time to Cape Town and hopefully not my last, there are millions of things that I would recommend doing and I would do them all again if I could fit them all in one day. It would be virtually impossible though….. so until next time Cape Town x

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