Natures comforts from Down Under 

After years of having to deal with tired skin, drastically changing my diet to suit my skins need and trying every cream, lotion and product under the sun. I found a couple of products that you might like that worked for me

Kora organic by Miranda Kerr

I pick these up every time I go to Aus, also available on Net à Porter for purchase in the UK, if your not down under. All the products are certified organic, so no harmful toxins on the skin, not tested on animals and kind to the environment
The age defying Phytox oil is a must for relieving dry patches and fine lines. It also makes your tired eyes rejuvenated and awake. It soothes and gives a radient glow without looking oily on the face. The Phytox oil is full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids combined with ingredients like Rose hip, Jasmine and Macadamia oil which naturally balance and restore the skins youth pre flight glow.
Warm a little on your finger tip, literally one drop is enough and pat underneath your eyes, careful not to rub in and you’ll have a peaceful sleep onboard then wake up looking refreshed and glowing.

This Palm Beach Collection candles smell like holidays, I take the watermelon travel candle when I go away and have the larger one for when Im at home, it’s not overbearing an I feel like I’m permanently laying on the sand listening to the waves.

I made an early morning visit to Bondi yesterday as I was due to leave later that afternoon. One thing I love about Bondi is the beach graffiti, it changes constantly, spread along the main part of the beach and never fails to surprise me.

Staring at this beautiful paintings by local artists made me realise how lucky I am to be able to see all these beautiful places over and over again. Home is so far away for me now and although I have a few stops to make before I go back again these small comforts make it that little bit more easy to be away.

Stay safe, april 💙


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