Sydney so far…

So I left Singapore this evening for my 7 hour flight to Sydney, Australia. Tired after having too much sleep, traveling east is by far the worst for regulating your sleep and trying to seem normal, but remaining optimistic that I’ll soon be sat on Bondi Breach with the sun shining down on my face. 

 I tend to avoid eating when flying due to time differences because if its 1am in the morning when you left wherever you were , ask yourself, would you be eating Mediterranean chicken at home at this time In the morning? No! No you wouldn’t. I also try to avoid eating when I’m tired too as it makes a flight worse, so I drink loads of organic jasmine green tea ( which I picked up in Singapore then got taken off me in Sydney airport for not declaring it in customers!) and eat fruit only over the 7 hour flight if I get hungry. Sydney has some great places to eat.. so I’ll wait until then. 

There are beautiful beaches, cute cafes with the healthiest produce all at arms reach, I could easily sit on the beach all day watching locals catch waves, dog walking and listening to the sound of the ocean, it’s unbelievably calming after a hectic flight.

Bondi beach on a weekday is great to just sit and enjoy the view, don’t be fooled by a weekend there, totally different. I tell myself every time I’m here that Ill do something different but something draws me back to Bondi everytime. 


I got breakfast at speedos cafe and sat in the window with my skinny cappuccino and pink Pittya bowl, the closest thing to ice cream for breakfast. Speedos is the perfect place to sit and think about what I’m going to do with the rest of my day. I’m trying to convince myself that surfing would be a good idea, but then I remember my epic fail at attempting to surf a couple of years back. Plus I’m scared of sharks, getting my legs chewed off and pretty much the thought of even coming close to a shark freaks me out.

So for the time being I’m just going to sit here, probably drink my weight in coffee and watch the waves …… peace out from Bondi Beach, Sydney ✌🏻️


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