Desperately detoxing Singapore 

My 9th time to Singapore and I wasn't overly excited to be here. The anticlimax of no Grand Prix fun this time round and l'd pretty much exhausted all but a few of my site seeing options, I was stuck for what to do. Having previously had 10 days of annual leave where I'd drank …

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Cairo, staying safe and riding camels 

Cairo, once a thriving city full of life with a blossoming tourist trade, this middle eastern delight sits south of the Mediterranean Sea and 120 kilometres west of the Gulf of Suez and Suez Canal. Sadly, what was once a celebrated city is now a shell of its former self. Targeted by terrorists and subjected …

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Too much caffine and far from sleepless in Seattle. 

We all like a romantic tale. Man loses woman, man goes on national radio and makes bold statement about his loss, man declares he is looking for someone new. Hundreds of single women respond to mans plea on live radio. Man eventually finds woman to love in the form of 'Annie'  All ends happily ever …

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